Waterproofing swimming pools

1 Fillet
2 Negative side waterproofing
3 Positive side waterproofing
KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey
4 Tile adhesive
KÖSTER BD Flexible Tile Adhesive
5 Penetrations
KÖSTER KB-Flex 200

Waterproofing swimming pools has unique requirements. Not only must it provide a suitable substrate for liners, elastomeric paints, or tiles, but it has to resist both positive and negative side water pressure. It should also have crack-bridging capabilities as these structures tend to settle greatly. The KÖSTER system designed and implemented for waterproofing swimming pools has a long track record of success.

The system is applied to substrates that are sound and solid as well as free from bond inhibiting agents. As primer, KÖSTER Polysil TG 500 is used. It hardens the substrate and reduces the mobility of salts. The installation of a fillet at the wall-floor-junction is done with KÖSTER WP Mortar to prevent stresses in the subsequent waterproofing layers.

The negative side waterproofing is achieved with KÖSTER NB 1 Grey. In case of pressurized water, the waterproofing needs to be done with the KÖSTER KD System.

The positive side waterproofing is carried out with crack bridging systems like KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey or KÖSTER NB 4000. These waterproofing materials are resistant to foot traffic and can be covered with tiles. They also have the ability to create an excellent bond to damp substrates. The installation of KÖSTER Glass Fiber Mesh is recommended between the first and second layer of the waterproofing system to enhance the movement resistance.

The tiling can then be performed with the single component and flexible adhesive KÖSTER BD Flexible Tile Adhesive.

Pipe penetrations are waterproofed using KÖSTER KB-Flex 200 and sealed with KÖSTER KB-Fix 5.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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