High early strength mortar systems (1h)

Different areas of application have requirements on how long a building site can be closed down. Very often it is desirable to open an area to traffic as soon as possible. Generally, the requirement for this is a minimum compressive strength of 20 N/mm². KÖSTER Turbo Mortars reach this in approximately one hour. Despite this high early strength these products have an exceptionally low shrinkage and high resistance to freeze/thaw damage. The consistency of the mortars can be regulated for vertical or horizontal application.

The KÖSTER Turbo Mortars are suitable for all interior and exterior concrete repairs. KÖSTER Turbo Mortar F is a repair, concrete replacement, and reprofiling mortar with an exceptional strength development, applicable in layer thickness of up to 20 mm. KÖSTER Turbo Mortar M is a fiber reinforced repair, concrete replacement, and re-profiling mortar with high chemical and mechanical resistance, applicable in layer thickness from 3 mm to 50 mm.



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