New joint waterproofing product: KÖSTER Quellband

KÖSTER is introducing a product for the waterproofing of joints in new construction. It is a bentonite-butyl rubber waterstop bar, typically placed in wall / floor joints, but can be placed in any cold joint including:

  • floor/floor
  • wall/ceiling
  • ceiling/ceiling
  • vertical wall/wall joints

KÖSTER Quellband waterproofs cold joints, a typical weak point in construction, by expanding upon water contact. The expansion leads to a high contact pressure of the product with surrounding concrete, avoiding water penetration.

Its main active ingredient is Bentonite, which creates strong, fast, and reliable expansion behavior. As Bentonite is a naturally occurring expansive clay (main constituent being Montmorillonite), it is environmentally friendly. In addition, having a mainly inorganic composition, it does not suffer from material fatigue and is active even decades after installation.

KÖSTER Quellband has a patented protective coating to keep it from swelling prematurely if just wetted by rain. This special coating is alkaline reactive, meaning that it will decompose, when covered with concrete. When installed it is not only resistant to water, but also to aging.KÖSTER Quellband is resistant to up to 0.8 bar, or eight meters of water column and has a self-injecting functionality, pressing itself into cracks and voids.

KÖSTER Quellband also has a General Approved Test Certificate for the construction industry, which means it can carry the Ü – marking, meaning it is in accordance with construction guidelines.

The product is very easy to install. It is affixed either with an adhesive (picture 1), metal track (picture 2), with knock-in anchors, or simply with masonry nails. The substrate, as always, must be clean, free of loose particles or bond-inhibiting materials, and as smooth as possible. KÖSTER Quellband should have continuous contact to the substrate. Install the bar in 5 m lengths, (the standard delivery length) in the middle of the cold joint. Fasten the KÖSTER Quellband every 35 cm, or at three points per meter. Ends are simply pushed flush against each other. When pouring the concrete observe best rules of practice for concrete works, including pour height and compaction.

In conclusion, KÖSTER Quellband is an easy to use,internal joint waterproofing providing high security against leakages. It was tested for nonpressurized and pressurized water as well as soil moisture according to the Building Rules List A, Part 2, §2.53. Its behavior characteristics in test liquids have shown that it is resistant to urine, feces, and silage effluent.

Senior Technical Consultant Paul Osselmann will be offering a webinar on the KÖSTER Quellband on January 6th 2017. Please refer to the seminar calendar on in order to sign up.




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